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  1. BUSINESS PROFILE – For Mold and Other Damage, This Family Company Is Your FIRST CALL
  2. Insured’s Bill of Rights
  3. Why You Need To Hire A Mold Assessor! (Hint: It’s the law!)
  4. Beware of Unscrupulous Mold Removal Companies!
  5. What To Expect During Mold Remediation!
  6. Can I Buy or Sell a Home with Asbestos?
  7. Asbestos…What You Need to Know!
  8. Are you Hiring The Right Mold Remediation Company?
  9. MOLD in the Attic…A deal KILLER?
  10. Selling a Home with MOLD?
  11. GreenFiber Insulation
  12. Trauma-Death Scene Cleanup


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Covid, Mold, and Your Indoor Air Quality!

First Call Restoration has been Cleaning and Disinfection for Covid since the beginning. With the new Variant many businesses are contacting us for our Covid cleaning to help keep their clients and staff safe. Covid is not the only indoor air quality issue you should be concerned with. This article explains what causes bad air, how to determine if it is causing health concerns, and what actions you can take.

First Call NY Blog and News!


How Much Does Mold Removal Cost?

The most common question we are asked is how much does mold removal cost? The cost is determined by getting answers to these three questions. Click here to learn more!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

2021 has been quite a year! First Call Restoration is grateful to our staff, vendors, and customers. As the Holiday Season approaches, there is no better time to say “Thank You.” Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, good times, good cheer, good health and good fortune in the New Year!

Christmas Tree Fire and Mold Prevention Tips

Decorating and putting up a Christmas tree is a holiday tradition. Are you aware that your Xmas tree could be a source of mold and a potential fire hazard. This article provides you with mold prevention PLUS 8 fire prevention tips. Fire prevention tip 5 is super important!

25 Winter Mold Prevention Tips!

As the temperature gets colder, we all tend to stay indoors more. Mold is not just a concern in the summer when heat and humidity are at their peak. The main purpose of this article is to list and explain 7 key mold facts and provide you with 25 tips to prevent mold in your home during the winter!

Got Mold? Hire Professionals To Remove It!

This article explains why you should always hire professionals to remove mold, listing the 8 steps necessary to properly remediate mold. We also list 10 questions that you need to ask any contractor you consider hiring. Get YES answers to these 10 questions, particularly, questions 2 and 8.

Fall Mold Inspection Benefits!

This article lists and explains the top three reasons to have a professional mold inspection in the Fall! In addition to contacting us for a mold inspection, let us know if you want us to check your insulation or ducts because we have expertise in these areas as well. One call does it all! Call First Call Restoration, (845) 226-0868.

Top 6 Causes Of Fire!

Do you know what the number one cause of house fires is? 42% of all fires are caused by this! This article provides you with key statistics PLUS 35 fire prevention tips. Need fire and smoke restoration? Call First Call Restoration, (845) 226-0868.

Water Damage Restoration and Mold!

There is a direct link between water damage and mold growth. This article explains why. We also provide you with 9 tips to prevent mold after a flood. Tips 3 and 6 are really important!

What is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome?

One of the questions we are often asked is why do some people get sick from mold and other’s do not? The answer is based on genes. Did you know that 25% of people are genetically pre-disposed to mold illness? This article explains why, citing scientific research, including a list of 37 symptoms!

10 Common Questions About Water Damage Restoration!

Water damage emergency! Call (845) 226-0868. In this article we answer the 10 most frequently asked questions about water damage restoration. Be sure to review the answers to questions 2 and 9!

How Your Crawlspace Impacts Indoor Air Quality!

First Call Restoration specializes in mold removal. We can remove mold from every part of your home, including your crawlspace. This article explains how and why your crawlspace could be contaminating your indoor air. If you think you have mold in your crawlspace, call (845) 226-0868!

Why Do Crawlspaces Need A Vapor Barrier?

There are several reasons we recommend vapor barrier for crawlspaces. Mold prevention is one of the key reasons. Be sure to review the 5 most frequently asked questions about crawlspaces. Question 4 may surprise you!

What Is Hoarding?

There are 8 key reasons you should call an expert to clean a hoarder’s home. The 8th reason is the most important. First Call Restoration are experts at hoarding and bio-hazard cleanup. Call (845) 226-0868!

Why Does Mold Grow In Crawlspaces?

Did you know that 40% of the air in your home seeps up through your crawlspace. If mold is growing this will negatively impact the air you breath. This purpose of this article is to explain why mold grows in your crawlspace and how it could be contaminating your indoor air. In addition, we explain what you can do to fix the problem.

7 Places You Will Find Mold In Your Home!

Concerned you may have mold growing in your home? This article reveals the 7 most common areas you will find mold growing. Hidden mold is a problem because it can impact health and the structural integrity of your home!

What Is Mold?

Mold is a growing concern. This article explains what causes mold growth, explains what the most common types and varieties of mold are, how mold professionals find and detect mold, and why you should be concerned about the potential health implications caused by mold exposure.

Top 10 Basement Mold Prevention Tips!

Basements are susceptible to mold growth. This article explains why mold grows and 10 tips to prevent it from growing. Pay particular attention to tips 3, 5, and 7!

Realtors, Buyers, and Sellers, Beware of Mold!

It’s the start of the busy real estate season. Does the home you are buying or selling have mold? This article lists the top 3 reasons why you should get a mold inspection before buying or selling a home!

Mold Assessment and Mold Removal Facts!

Found mold? Did you know that New York State created a law regarding mold. If you require mold removal from an area larger than 10 square feet, you need to take TWO important actions.

Spring Sewage Backup Prevention

Sewage backups occur when sewage from sewer lines back up into your home or business. This article lists and explains the top 5 causes of sewer backups and provides you with tips to prevent them. Sewage backup prevention is important for two key reasons: mold prevention and to protect your health!

Can Ice Dams Cause Mold?

During the winter months, snow can accumulate on your roof and could lead to ice damming issues. The core problem with ice dams is they can lead to mold concerns. This article explains what causes ice dams, the potential mold concerns it causes, and how to prevent ice dams.

Water Damage and Mold!

During this time of year, we get lots of calls for water damage because of frozen pipes. Should you have a water damage emergency, it is really important that you understand your rights under your insurance. At First Call we work with all insurance companies and our priority is to work for you, the insured. In this article, we feature a video by Janice Hogan explaining what you need to do if you have secondary damage, like mold, caused by water damage. We also provide you with 9 key reasons you should always hire professionals to clean your water damage. Pay particular attention to #3, #4, and #5!

Moldy Chairs Sent His Daughter To The Hospital!

Mold grows everywhere, including, chairs. In this article, we explain why our lead tech’s daughter got sick from mold on the chairs. In addition, we provide you with 10 critical facts about mold. Be sure to review fact #5.

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