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Commercial Fire Damage

Commercial fire damage hits doubly hard: not only do you have to repair and rebuild, but you also are losing revenue. Our emergency restoration services will get you back in business in no time at all. We Bill Your Insurance Company Directly.

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Commercial Fire Damage Repair Services

Commercial fire damage needs to be handled right away. At a time like this, the right fire restoration company will make all the difference. We know that you cannot afford to be out of business for long. Whether it is a store or office, you need to get back to work. First Call Restoration is here to help get you back in business, 845.226.0868. Call any day, anytime!

It does not matter how big or small the fire was; you need the commercial fire damage handled correctly. The smell of smoke can linger if not handled properly and a small fire can still produce a lot of smoke. Our restoration service will take care of it, and we will handle it any time, day or night. We are ready to take your call in the middle of the night or the middle of the afternoon, it does not matter. When it comes to commercial fire damage, we know that you need an inspection done right away to get the insurance claim process moving. We will do the inspection for free and provide the pictures that you need. Do not wait even a minute longer; get our team working for you right now!Fire Damage Repair

Industrial Fire Damage

If your commercial fire damage is bigger than average, we are the right team for you. Warehouses and factories require a different approach, and we know how to handle it. Do not trust your warehouse or factory to just anyone. “One Call and We Take Care of it ALL”, 845.226.0868

We are IICRC certified, and we are the right choice to get your commercial fire damage taken care of. We will have you back in business quickly. Whether you are a small business running a little boutique store, or you have the biggest warehouse in the area, you can count on our personal service to make this process easier on you. We know how tough commercial fire damage can be, and we will be there with you every step of the way. We will help you deal with the insurance firms, and we will take care of the damage. Get in touch with our team of experts to get back in business quickly.

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We handle commercial fire damage in Poughkeepsie, Hopewell Junction, Newburgh and across the nearby counties.