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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Mold Exposure!

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Mold Exposure - MS is caused by the degeneration of the myelin sheath. When this occurs, nerve messages are not transmitted properly. The exact cause of MS is unknown. Several theories focus on genetics, viruses, climate, geography, and environment. Some researchers think mold may be a factor because exposure to Stachybotrys or Chaetomium, can destroy the myelin sheath causing many of the same symptoms that MS victims have. This article explains why some people diagnosed with MS could actually be suffering from toxic mold exposure.

Toxic Mold Exposure Might Be Associated With Multiple Sclerosis!

In addition to respiratory illnesses like asthma and chronic sinusitis that are linked to mold, there is mounting evidence that mold affects the brain.

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